Pavle Subotic

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Pavle Subotic PhD (UCL)


I am interested in researching and applying Automated Reasoning techniques to large-scale industrial problems, relating to Static Analysis, Compilers, Databases etc. I have a PhD from University College London (UCL) under Prof. Byron Cook. I am currently a Snr. Research Engineer at Microsoft Azure Data Labs. Previously, at Amazon, I was a Snr. Applied Scientist where I pioneered the automated contract driven development process at Prime Video by founding and leading the development of the Coastguard tool among many other projects. At AWS I founded and co-developed Tiros, a tool that analyses Ec2 networks for security vulnerabilities. Before that, I spent almost a year at Oracle Labs where I worked on Souffle with my collegues Prof. Bernhard Scholz and Herbert Jordan. I was an R&D software engineer @ Optiver, Toshiba R&D and CSIRO. During my undergraduate studies I was a summer scholar at NICTA (now Data61) where I worked on hardware and processor simulation for the sel4 microkernal verification project.


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  • Experiences Indexing with Bloom Filters
    Pavle Subotic and Bernhard Scholz